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Amit Dutta The most responsible guy in our club.
Anupam Chakraborty The owner of a Diagonastic Centre full of lovely girl staff in our hometown.
Ambarish Maity Back to India after staying at Russia,and studing Medical Science.
Anupta Das Currently located ay Banglore and woking as a software professional at ANZ Grindleys Bank Software Division.
Beethin Chakraborty Presently working with Reliance at Mumbai and the webmaster of this site.
Chandan Biplab Biswas A dedicated guy in W.B Police Department presently posted at Howrah.
Chinmoy Paul Presently located in Rajasthan with Indian Air Force.
Debdatta Manna Took the headache of construction works in our hometown and helps people by lending his own lorry to them on hire.
Debi Prasad RoyMahapatra Currently located at Banglore,doing research at IISC in Aeronautics.
Debrudra Chakraborty A natural singer and a star among us.
Dharmadas Roy A handsome guy.Ask him anything about sports and there is your answer.Currently owner of a travel agency.
Dhruba Giri A reputed footballer.

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