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Welcome to Midnapore Selection.
Whatizit !!!  Midnapore Selection is our club.It is our way of living.It is our family,our joy,our entertainment.
It is our life.
This is a club in West Bengal (India).It is a real club,not cyber one,but it has its own cyber counterpart and you are going through that now.
From the very begining of it,it is engaged in all types of enthusiastic activities--social,cultural,a bit of religious and of course sports.But the begining was not as usual.Everything started in 1989.

It was the Real start
When you are in 9th or 10th standard what did you think most about?Girls! (O.K,it is your studies also if you are so studious).If you can believe girls were the reason for establishing a club that has already been lasted for long 11 years.
In West Bengal we have a ritual called Saraswati Puja.Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge.So people,mostly the students worship her to have good marks or grades in the examination.
In our town most of the pretty girls study in Mission Girls' High school. (Now you know why the schoolgate is crowded with guys.) Our friend community consisted of boys from two top schools of the town --
Midnapore Collegiate School and Ramkrishna Misson Vidyabhaban.
After the school hours we used to play and chat in a ground which is at the heart of the town,Burgetown.It was early January of 1989 when we got the surprising good news.The girls were going to arrange the Saraswati Puja in front of the ground.
All the girls will be roaming around us for 48 hours.The only thing is,we'll have to be there.The immidiate response from us was to set up a club and have a puja in front of them.This new born club is todays Midnapore Selection.

Forget the past.
But the start was the start only.Day by day this club has grown upto a repute for the last decade.It is always in a mood to do something,whether it is some social work,relief work,arranging the best Saraswati Puja or any sports event,this club is always in the headlines.
As it has grown up the number of our members have spread all over India as well as world.

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