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Rajat Sen Owner of an internet cafe in our hometown.
Rajkumar Maity
Dr.Rudra Shankar Ghosh Doctor based in Kolkata.
Sandip Banerjee A genuine good guy,with lots of religious beliefs but gets crushed in the name of ghosts.
Sakya Singha Dutta A potential guy,recently opening a Cyber Cafe in our hometown.
Shamik Hota Presently located ay Calcutta,doing MBA.
Shubhojit Nag Specialist in confusing people with his amazing seemingly true ideas. Presently doing the same in our hometown.
Shukhendu Shukhendu Paul Pursueing Masters degree in Applied Mathematics.
Souvik Panda One of the largest drug wholeseller in the district.He is very passionate about automobiles.
Suvra Prakash De Presently located at Mumbai,working as engineer at BARC.
Dr. Sudipta Dalai Teaching students at Vidyasagar University.
Suryashokha Biswas Associated with Indian Air Force at Gwalior.
Wrick Bose
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